Icons and tabs meaning


  • Film icon

A special course that consists of 10 parts for the English language learners, that tells a story of a boy who travels to London to improve and develop his English.


  • Vocabulary

The blue ribbon shows how much you have progressed in the exercise.

The TV icon shows that this unit contains image and audio, where you select the image then describe what is happening in the picture in the language you are learning, which is English.

The GSE test, is a certified test which evaluates your English language. The test can only be undergone once.

The pencil icon shows that this is a written exercise.

The microphone icon, shows that this exercise involves voice recording. The user can record their conversation to practice pronunciation.


Once you are done with the exercise, the icon will turn green and the accomplishment percentage will increase.

Grammar icon.

Within the grammar icon, you will be able to practice your linguistic skills and correct exercises for other users.

You can use your writing skills via describing the content of the video or images by clicking on the video icon or image.

Within the vocabulary tab, you will be able to view the words/phrases that have been manually selected (by selecting add to my vocabulary in the exercise or from within the exercise) and from any mistakes you have made.

You can revise all the vocabulary and mistakes by clicking on the yellow icon. You can also download a PDF file containing words/mistakes by clicking on the download icon next to the “tick” icon.


From my “personal page/profile” tab, you can view your personal page and statistics, also how many exercises have you finished, how many corrections have you made, the languages you have mastered or are learning.

If you scroll down, you will be able to view your friends’ list.



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