What Types of Work can be Done Remotely?


The number of jobs that don’t require staying in the actual office has started to spread in labor markets. This method means that it is no longer necessary for an employer to provide an office for every employee. Due to the lowering of attendant operating costs, a remote work force can lead to more commercial opportunities. Whether it is a programmer, writer, proofreader, researcher, designer, interpreter, seller, etc the remote employee can still do their job to the fullest. It doesn’t matter where the employee completed the work, what matters is that the work gets done.

By employing remotely, companies and government departments will benefit from with increased growth while at the same time saving operating costs.

Examples of, but not limited to, departments that benefitted from Telework:

  • Communications;
  • Travel agencies;
  • IT;
  • Online marketing;
  • Translation and research;
  • Social and market surveys;
  • Programming and design;
  • Customer services and sales via telephone and internet;
  • Business advertisers;
  • Press, e-press and website management;
  • Finance and accounting services;
  • Human resources and supply management;
  • Office services;
  • Retail and health care (tele-health);
  • Education (online learning) and
  • Government services (e-government).

Silah will also help recruiting companies to identify and classify available jobs for female citizens either from home or remotely and develop a framework for identifying current jobs filled by males that could also be filled by females.

In the beginning, the focus will be on these types of jobs:

  • Jobs that can be implemented via computers, IT and Communications;
  • Intellectual jobs especially texts and information processing;
  • Work that can be done by an individual;
  • Productivity can easily be measured and
  • Requires minimal face-to-face communication.

Examples of work that can be done remotely (before training and rehabilitation):

  • Call Centers;
  • Customer service;
  • Managing reminder calls for payments;
  • Complaints department;
  • Marketing and promotional services;
  • Inquiries about the locations of sales offices;
  • Providing daily, weekly and monthly reports about all future inquiries and how to address them;
  • Dealing with the requests to send field maintenance and installation teams;
  • Managing and solving all first-level inquiries of technical support and
  • Data entry and word processing services.

After the remote rehabilitation and training of female employees via electronic learning and training systems, tele-female workers can complete tasks in the following departments:

  • Translation;
  • Customer account management;
  • Accounting and financial management;
  • Financial planning and budgeting;
  • General management;
  • Marketing and public relations;
  • IT and remote technical support;
  • Web development and graphic design;
  • Project management;
  • Sales;
  • Research and development;
  • Data entry and word processing services;
  • Remote help and technical support;
  • Engineering and
  • Technical writing.
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