How can Managers Communicate with Teleworkers?


By using modern information technology and communication methods, managers can keep in close contact with their employees, even if they aren’t in the same office, and keep track of their productivity.

Common Communication Methods:

- Phone

Though it is a traditional and older way of communication, the phone is still the preferred way for managers to deal with their employees located in the actual work place or remotely.

- E-Mail

Communicating electronically via work email is both a simple and effective method for employers and employees to achieve company mandates.

- Text message

The rising popularity of texting has led to it becoming a modern communication tool for the work place. Employees and employers rely on texting to address urgent company needs.

- Video conferences programs

After taking measures to assure that this technology does not contradict with Islamic Law and social customs, video conferences platforms can be used to facilitate online co-operation amongst managers and remote employees. This technology allows them to communicate in real time and view the same screen/materials/presentation which is useful for both large group meetings and one-on-one discussions.


-Instant messages

Instant messaging programs offer the ability to communicate with and keep tabs on remote employees without delay.

- Save and share documents systems

Sharing documents platforms allow users from the same company to share documents and co-operate on tasks and projects.

- Local networks and intranet

Internal internet systems (intranet) provide managers with a simple way to quickly spread information that is specifically directed to their employees no matter where they are located.

- Silah system for managing projects, tasks and time tracking

The Silah system for managing projects and measuring employees’ performance enables managers to know work time distribution for every employee on different projects and the effectiveness of their performance. In addition, the systems provide a modern mechanism for monitoring employees to ensure the accuracy of employee time sheets. All of these factors contributes to increase the productivity, effectiveness and performance of the employees in the company. It also saves time for managers and supervisors.

Through this system, the employer will be able to easily communicate with remote employees and accurately calculate their work hours via full access to multiple detailed reports. These reports include details on employees, sections, projects, tasks, desktop screenshots, mouse and keyboard usage, direct acts and indirect acts

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