Job Application Process


We designed our application process to be thorough, efficient, and transparent. We always want you to know what stage you’re in, if there are jobs available for you, and how you go about applying for them.

Just as our female home professionals work from the comfort of their homes, our entire recruiting process is 100% virtual. You are never required to travel for an interview.


Step 1: Join our Talent Network

By creating a Silah Home Talent Network profile, you’ll have the ability to be instantly notified of new jobs that become available. It’s our preferred method of contact with you and only requires some basic information. Please keep in mind that this is not considered a formal application to the company.

Step 2: Confirm that you meet all of our qualifications, including our technical requirements.

This includes the computer, Internet, phone, headsets and home office requirements. Please carefully review our FAQ and Silah Home Office Requirements sections at

Step 3: Create an Account on our recruiting application site.

We've created a one-stop shop for the entire application process. Once you’ve created a personal account you'll receive step-by-step instructions on how to get started and what is needed to complete the process. From your account you’ll be able to track your progress, allowing you to see any tasks that are incomplete, plus you can also communicate with support should you have questions or need help at any time. Depending on the job(s) you qualify for, you can expect to devote 30 minutes to an hour to complete the entire process.

Step 4: Complete your application.

Some steps you will do as part of the application process include:

  • Tell us about yourself. What about you and your work experience is unique and a fit for Silah Home positions?
  • Complete your profile. Answer questions about your experience and upload your resume.
  • Review jobs we match you with.
  • You’ll look over the job description, positions available, the training schedule, and more.
  • You could be eligible for many programs !

Step 5: If you are qualified for one or more of our programs, you will be invited to participate in a group interview.

During this interview you will have an opportunity to learn more about Silah Tele-work system and the positions we’re hiring for. If we both agree you’d make a good Telework Professional, and we have a program opportunity that matches your skill set and interest, you will receive a job offer !

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