Silah Home Office Essentials


In order to maintain a professional level of service for our clients and their customers, Silah has a uniform set of technical and home office requirements for all of our work at home professionals.

Computer Requirements

• PC running Windows Vista, Windows 7 or above.
• Minimum 20 GB free hard drive disk space
• Minimum 2 GB RAM
• 2.0 GHz Dual Core Processor required (multi-core and faster speeds of processor are recommended)
• Monitor with minimum screen resolution of 1024x768 (1280x1024 recommended)

  • If the Tele-work position you are hired for requires a separate monitor, your monitor must have VGA connection available.

• Sound card and speakers to listen to audio files
• Current Anti-Virus software with updated definitions (Silah recommends: Microsoft Security Essentials or Nod32)
• Current anti-spyware software (Silah recommends: Super Anti-Spyware, Emsisoft Anti-Malware or Malwarebytes)
• Firewall installed & operating -or- Windows firewall turned on

  • Be sure to always download your protection software from the developer’s website. Many products that are not listed above may or may not be acceptable for use with Silah systems. You may be asked to uninstall any protection software including the above listed software if it is necessary during troubleshooting.
  • Silah will not be held liable for any virus, spyware or malware obtained regardless of protection software recommendation.

Internet Access Requirements

• Subscription to a reliable, high-speed, hard-wired, bi-directional Internet connection, DSL is recommended

  • No satellite or low speed wireless Internet service
  • Reliable high speed 3G, 3.5G or 4G wireless internet service is acceptable.
  • 3 Mbps downstream, or greater
  • 512 kbps upstream, or greater
  • Limited household use of internet connection while the employee is working

• Internet Explorer 8 or later
• Highly Recommended: A home router with at least the following features:

  • IP address routing
  • Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • DHCP functions
  • Firewall functions
  • LAN connectivity like a network switch

Telephone Line Access Requirements

• Analog landline that meets one of these requirements:

  • Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) – traditional landline phone service using a dedicated copper pair to the home.
  • Fiber-Optic – phone line provided by a local phone service.

• A telephone line that you can dedicate for your use while working, and that you can use while also accessing the Internet. Please note, this phone line will not be available for personal household use during your shift hours.
• The telephone must be a corded traditional telephone. cordless, cellular/wireless are not recommended.
• VOIP voice services must be provided/approved by Silah

Headset Requirements

• You are required to purchase two different types of headsets – a USB headset for online training and a telephone headset for taking live customer calls.
• USB headset for online training will need to plug into your computer. The USB headset will be needed prior to your first day of training and will continually be used for ongoing training. A USB headset can range in price from SR 70-SR 350, and can be purchased at most stores that sell computer equipment or office supplies. The USB headset must meet these minimum requirements:

  • Features a microphone
  • Hands-free
  • Connects to your computer via a USB port.
  • Features a mute button

• Telephone headset to take calls will need to plug directly into your telephone base. The telephone headset is required in order to begin work. The headset can range in price from SR 70-SR 350 and can be purchased at major retailers and office supply stores. Because you will be wearing the telephone headset for long periods of time, it must be comfortable, and meet these minimum requirements:

  • Hands-free
  • Corded. All cordless headsets are unacceptable
  • Features a "noise cancelling" microphone

Office Set-Up

• Comfortable and ergonomically safe furniture and office set-up
• Quiet, free of any background noise (we have a zero tolerance policy for noise)


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