Q. What do the user statuses mean on the Dashboard?


When you visit the "Dashboard" page,  you'll see a status below the name of each user.  This article explains what each status means.

Not yet activated - This user has been invited to your account, but has not yet clicked the link in the invitation email and created a password for their account on the website.  Please ask this user check their email and click the link.

Not using Silah software - This user has created a password, but has never logged into the Silah desktop software.  This status is normal for managers and admins who don't track their own time.  If you see this status for a user that should be tracking their time, please ask them to download and install the Silah software.

After a user has created a password and logged into the Silah desktop software at least once, their status will be one of the following:

Offline - User has not timed any work yet today or is simply not online.

Task Name - User is currently working on this task

On a break - User has timed a task today but is not timing any task now.

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